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Tips on how to get a payrise


Over worked and underpaid, feeling undervalued, been working hard but still on the same pay you were on when you started?

A lot of people let resentment build up and rather than have a discussion with their boss, decide to look for another job.

However, if you enjoy your job and like the people you work with, you may want to try an alternative to keeping quiet. You could grab the bull by the horns and ask for a pay rise.

Top 10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions

New Year Resolution-resize

New year, new you?!

It’s the start of a new year and many of us will be thinking of how we can improve on 2014. It may be giving something up, or starting something new, either way, most of us have pledged at least one resolution.

New Year’s Resolution Poll

New Years resolution poll - what have you given up / taken up?

Which sport will you be watching this summer?

Summer of sport survey

Are you a football person or do you prefer Wimbledon?

The summer is ahead of us and it is promising to be a summer of sport.

We want to know what you’re most looking forward to so please answer the below anonymous survey:

New Years resolution poll - what have you given up / taken up?

Have we missed your favourite sport?

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know, email

PaydayUK customer Pete ‘would recommend PaydayUK to anyone’


When Pete got a new job he was thrilled. After two years out of work financial pressures had begun to build up so his new job was crucial. However, just a month in and his car failed its MOT and Pete needed money fast in order to sort it out.

He went online and found PaydayUK. After applying he received his answer then and there and was told the money would be in his account within 45 minutes. When he checked an hour later, sure enough the funds were there.

With the extra cash from PDUK he was able to get a new car and keep his job. Now 12 months later the experience gained in his initial roles has resulted in Pete being promoted, meaning his prospects and the family’s lifestyle has greatly improved.

Pete would recommend PaydayUK to anyone. He found the payment terms were fair and help when you’re in a spot of bother. Getting through his cash emergency with help from PaydayUK has enabled Pete to turn his life around.

Short-term or payday loans should only be used for short-term financial needs and are not appropriate for longer-term borrowing or if you are in financial difficulty.

Hear from our customers: Kim


Like many of us Kim does online banking, however, one morning when she logged in to check her balance she found all her money had gone. A fraudster stolen her details and had been using her account to pay for a hotel room in Kuwait. Fortunately the bank had flagged the transactions as suspicious and were already investigating them, but in the meantime Kim had no money at all for a number of days.

Then Kim found PaydayUK.  The name immediately struck her as reputable and the endorsements on the site further assured her. The website was simple but most importantly it was very clear on how PaydayUK’s charges worked and the amount she would need to repay. It took her just 5 minutes to apply online and 40 minutes later the cash was in her account.

As a result Kim says she would never think of going anywhere other than PaydayUK and would recommend PaydayUK to anyone.

What our customers say: Gareth

Gareth: PaydayUK customer

Gareth is from the Isle of Wight.

When Gareth found out that his uncle, who lived in Milton Keynes, had stomach cancer, he needed to go to see him as soon as possible. Unfortunately it was still two weeks until payday and Gareth had no cash to spare. It was also January so his friends and family could not lend him money to travel.

When Gareth found PaydayUK online he found the website very self-explanatory, clear and transparent, allowing him to know exactly how much he would need to repay on the amount he wanted to borrow. The process was easy with no strings attached and within a few hours of applying the money was in his account.

Hear from our customers: Katerina


Katerina lives and works in London, but is originally from Greece. When she found out her mother had suffered a stroke she needed to get back to Crete but had no money available.

When searching for a short-term loan online she found out about payday loans and was immediately drawn to PaydayUK. She found the website and process extremely simple, straightforward and clear, allowing her to secure the funds she needed to book the flights which enabled her to arrive at her mother’s bedside the next morning.

Using PaydayUK enabled Katerina to manage her money the way she wanted. Her experience, which was quick and effective, was so good she says she would definitely use PaydayUK again.

What our customers say: Andrea


Andrea’s son has autism and due to his condition lacks confidence. One of the main ways he gets relief is through dance. The dance school he attends decided to put on a show, its first in 17 years. Understandably Andrea’s son was very excited and looked forward to taking part.

However, Andrea’s financial situation meant they could not afford all the costumes and expenses needed for the show. Then a friend recommended PaydayUK.

PaydayUK fitted perfectly with Andrea’s finances. She expected it to take a couple of weeks but the money was in her account in just two hours. As a result her son’s confidence has grown and he has taken part in a string of competitions and shows since.

Customers explain how PaydayUK came to their rescue


Here at PaydayUK we’re exceptionally proud of the important service we provide for many people up and down the country.

So when people give us feedback we’re delighted to be able to share their good experiences.

PaydayUK provides short-term loans to help people out of a financial emergency.

People like Pete who would like to thank PaydayUK for the loan which allowed him to pay for his MOT. He needed the car to get to work to support his family.

To hear more about how PaydayUK helped Gareth, head to our Customer Testimonials page where you can watch a video of Gareth explaining exactly how PaydayUK solved his financial emergency.

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