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Online mobile security – 10 top tips on how to be safe when using your mobile

Online mobile security

More and more of us are using our mobile phones to browse the internet. Better technology, faster connections and faster networks mean it’s easier to surf the web when you’re on the move. How many of you are reading this on your mobiles?

A huge part of the online experience is internet shopping. With increased mobile usage it is obvious that the number of us making purchases on our mobiles is going to increase. But how secure are we when buying online?

Internet security is a widely accepted necessity. We all know there are hackers, phishers and spammers out there and most of us will have taken steps to protect themselves.

Why do self employed workers set up companies?

saving money paydayuk

Despite being one-man bands, there are a growing number of individuals taking advantage of tax planning to establish limited companies and increase their own cash availability.

Why Are Limited Companies Popular?

If an individual has a business or trade that revolves around a particular skill, they can work as a sole trader and pay tax through their self-assessment tax return.  They will pay income tax and make National Insurance contributions.

Income earned through employment or self-employment is subject to National Insurance in addition to income tax. It may be possible for workers to save on National Insurance by being paid dividends instead of a salary; this is because dividends are not subject to National Insurance.

Financial Fair Play Fails to Establish Level Playing Field

Financial fair play

New rules introduced by football’s governing body UEFA are designed to create a fairer competition, yet when latest Premier League season kicked off there it was without Gareth Bale who had transferred to Real Madrid for a much publicised £85 million.

The new regulations appear to have brought very little change for fans who expect the same teams challenging for honours this season.

What Do The New Rules Mean?

Clubs competing in different competitions are subject to different rules but there are restrictions on the size of losses clubs can incur over a three year period and in the smaller competitions clubs are restricted on the amount they can spend on wages.

In theory this has a huge impact on football as many of the clubs who have been successful in the Premier League in recent seasons have invested heavily in players and have traded at a substantial loss. In the future clubs will be penalised if they trade at a large loss in an attempt by football’s rulers to dispel the notion that success can be bought.

How Do Clubs Run Up Losses?

Mortgage repayment options are an important consideration – what are my options?

What are my options when considering a mortgage?

Mortgage lending opportunities have been reduced in recent years following the revelation that many applications for borrowing were not backed by worthy assets or a sustainable repayment plan.

Mortgages are typically provided by high street banks but the types of mortgage products available differ greatly in terms of the impact they have on individual customers.

What are the options that are out there?

Low Monthly Repayment Versus Capital Reduction

New applications for fixed rate mortgages are now vetted much more closely due to the number of customers believed to have no provision for the point at which a fixed rate deal runs out. Despite this there remains a number of fixed rate opportunities in existence and the benefit of enjoying a low monthly commitment for a mortgage can provide greater financial flexibility.

It is important to be disciplined with any plan to create a fund with which to repay the capital outstanding on the mortgage but the lack of fixed capital repayments mean that borrowers can withstand many short term cash flow difficulties without compromising the security of their home.

The Wonga behind Payday Lenders

iStock_000007786339Small 2

The recent dispute between Newcastle United striker Papisse Cisse and his employers was ended when he agreed to wear the famous black and white striped shirt despite it displaying the name of a famous payday lender.

He had initially claimed that the company operated in a manner that was contrary to his Muslim beliefs and this sparked a huge public debate over the ethics of payday loan companies who charge annual percentage rates on their loans in excess of four thousand per cent. While recent events will inevitably impact on the public perception of payday loan companies, there are two sides to the debate.

Beware of money launderers and make sure you’re aware of what you may be getting into

Money laundering pound sterling

In line with recent news coverage short-term lender PaydayUK is warning of the dangers of being duped into laundering money by online fraudsters – a crime which can lead to a custodial sentence.

Figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA) highlight the dangers of a scam which recruits ordinary members of the public through fake job adverts.

Those signed up then unknowingly assist in the money-laundering of thousands of pounds to criminal gangs abroad – the proceeds of which, according to the FFA, fund the drugs trade, people trafficking and terrorism.

Join PaydayUK on Facebook for the chance to win weekly prizes

Facebook commander game

Have you joined PaydayUK on Facebook yet?

Have you played our weekly Commander Game and been in with the chance to win £50? Why not?

Every week we give away £50 on the Commander’s Challenge. Score more than 40 in this tricky yet fun game and you will be entered into the prize draw to win the cash.

In the game all you need to do is help The PaydayUK Commander and his team deliver emergency loans to where they’re need on the map. Do it fast enough and the money could be yours!

PaydayUK donates: £1 to Dogs for the Disabled for every like

Dogs for the Disabled

As part of its on-going support of Oxfordshire charity Dogs for the Disabled, short-term lender PaydayUK is pledging to provide £1 for every new ‘like’ of its Facebook page until a £1,000 target is reached.

Dogs for the Disabled  trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities and families of children with autism.

This promotion is the most recent example of PaydayUK’s support of Dogs for the Disabled after it sponsored a training puppy (Mickey the Labrador) back in May, and held a charity barbecue in June which raised over £1,500.

Have you helped Cupid aim his arrows? Help someone find love and win some fantastic prizes with PaydayUK


Time is running out for you to enter PaydayUK’s Valentine’s Day competition and be in with a chance of winning a pamper day for two at a luxury health spa.

The promotion is only open until 4pm on Valentine’s Day (this Thursday, February 14) so head to our Facebook page now and enter.

Customers explain how PaydayUK came to their rescue


Here at PaydayUK we’re exceptionally proud of the important service we provide for many people up and down the country.

So when people give us feedback we’re delighted to be able to share their good experiences.

PaydayUK provides short-term loans to help people out of a financial emergency.

People like Pete who would like to thank PaydayUK for the loan which allowed him to pay for his MOT. He needed the car to get to work to support his family.

To hear more about how PaydayUK helped Gareth, head to our Customer Testimonials page where you can watch a video of Gareth explaining exactly how PaydayUK solved his financial emergency.

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