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Five Top Chistmas Money Saving Tips

Most of us are now all quite canny about using the website to hunt for bargains, find deals and grab discounts. But surprisingly, most of us still make the traditional mistake of overspending without looking at alternatives. Here are five simple tips on saving by making a break with tradition – and there’s not a web link among them.




Common Scents

About this time of year small retail outlets spring up in every high street offering fancy perfumes at very sweet smelling prices. In such shops you’ll even find that all the top brand names are available. They can all be wrapped and presented to loved-ones who’ll appreciate them just the same. You’re not being mean just because you didn’t buy it from a top London store – you’re just being sensible.

Warm Ideas For Reducing Your Heating Bills

It’s coming up to that time of the year when staying warm means gigantic gas and electricity bills.

But never mind, you can stay warm and keep those bills down. Here are a few tips to do it.


Fight that irresistible urge to take a bath – it’s the most expensive thing you can do and heating all that water costs money. Take a shower and when you come out, put on a nice layer of body lotion or body oil – it acts like an extra layer of clothing to keep out the cold. Honest!

Shrill Bills

Most of us have a mobile phone and sometimes the bill can be larger than expected!


One of the main causes of high bills is downloading data, especially when travelling outside the EU, but also when using data in the UK. Mobile providers offer a large number of tariffs offering consumers choice and flexibility, but they’re not always easy to spot.

Bringing Down Childcare Costs


Childcare needn’t break the bank if you take advantage of the help that’s out there.

The key to paying for childcare with ‘Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit’ is to ensure that the childcare provision, such as nurseries, playgroups, child-minders or au pairs are registered and regulated. You can find this out from your local authority’s children’s services department or search for your nearest Family Information Service on the Family & Childcare Trust website.

Back To School Offers


When it’s time for kids to go back to school, plenty of parents also breath a sigh of relief – but not when there’s so much to spend on getting children ready for the new term.

The costs of schooling are often greatly helped by a multitude of special offers by Britain’s top retailers who will woo you with vouchers and discounts, knowing that you’re looking to save money before school starts.

Costa lot or Costa Less?

Costa Lot or Costa Less - image

You’ve worked hard all year, sacrificed nights out, gone without the latest upgrade, all so you can get away and have a well-deserved break.

Most of you will have checked for cheap flights, hotels, last minute deals and the best exchange rates but have you thought how far your spending money will go once you get there?

How to get rid of unwanted Christmas Presents

Unwanted Presents-re-size

Did Santa get your wish list right this year or did you receive a few “dodgy” gifts?

Don’t let those unwanted presents gather dust in your home, one man’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Night out on a budget

Cheap thrills

Despite what you or your friends might think, there’s no need to spend an absolute fortune to have a great night out. Check out some of these top tips for a cheap night out that won’t break the budget.

How to find the best mobile deals

Set of touchscreen smartphones

What a wonderful technological age we live in! More than ever we’re able to keep contact with friends and family all over the world, on the go, all the time! With that come many options.

How to have summer fun on a budget

Enjoy the summer on a budget

With summer well and truly underway it can be difficult to get out and about without spending loads of money.

There is lots to do but if you’re trying not to spend too much money you may be thinking there are no options. Never fear, here is a straightforward list of free or cheap activities to keep you occupied this summer. Whether you have children or not there’s something for you.

Have a picnic

Whether it’s a romantic picnic, a family outing or a group of friends just chilling out, a picnic is a great shout. Head to a free park with some food and drink, lay out a blanket and just relax. It’s way cheaper than heading to a bar or restaurant and if the weather’s nice it can be great fun.

Get fit outside

If the weather’s nice why not head out and exercise? Cycling, running and hiking are all free and fun exercises which will help you get in shape.

Read this article on how to get fit on a budget for more.

Host dinner – take turns?

Take turns hosting dinners among your group of friends. It’s much cheaper than going out to a restaurant and hosting and trying new things can be fun.

Board game nights

Board games are fun and it’s not sad to admit it. Try having a board game night where everyone brings their favourite game.

Free coaching sessions for the children

Looking to get the kids out of the house but cannot afford to spend a whole load of money? Boys and girls aged between 5-11 can take part in free football coaching sessions throughout the school holidays.

Run by FA Tesco Skills places are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. See Tesco Deals for more details.

Free festivals

Most of the big name festivals cost a pretty penny to attend. There are a large number of free festivals and events which can be just as fun.

Try the Freedom Festival in Hull which runs from September 5 – 7.
The line-up hasn’t been announced yet but previous acts have included the likes of McFly, The Saturdays and The 1975.

The world famous Notting Hill Carnival (London) Takes place on August bank holiday (Sunday – Monday 25) and features colourful costumes, music and countless offerings of Caribbean food.

For more free festivals check out:

Visit a museum

Many of the country’s biggest, best and most famous museums are free to enter. The two big ones are the national history museum and the science museum (both London) but there are plenty of others around the country, for example:

The National History Museum in Tring, Hertfordshire

The People’s History Museum, Manchester

Riverside Museum of Transport, Glasgow

Cheap cinema tickets

If you have kids the cost of a trip to the cinema can quickly add up. Nevertheless don’t write it off straightaway. There are a number of things you can try to get cheaper tickets. Just don’t waste the money you save on expensive food from the foyer.

If you have children the Movies for Juniors offer from Cineworld means selected films will cost adults and children £1.50 on a Saturday morning.

Similarly, Vue offers £1.75 school holiday tickets with the Kids AM offer.

It’s hardly a new thing but you’d be surprised how many people still don’t make the most of Orange Wednesday’s 2 for 1 offer. If you’re not on Orange ask around – plenty of your mates will be.

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