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A Handy Guide to PaydayUK

About us

The team at PaydayUK have been providing short term loans to you, our valued customers, over ten years and we hope we have helped you along the way. Here’s a quick round up about us in one handy guide.


Christmas Travel Cheer

Christmas is definitely a time to go and visit loved ones (or relatives, at least). And, thanks to the many offers flashing around the web, there are ways you can do it on the cheap. Whether you’re planning a trip to the smoke to buy presents or spending Christmas at Auntie’s, now is a great time to bag a discounted rail ticket.



Five Top Chistmas Money Saving Tips

Most of us are now all quite canny about using the website to hunt for bargains, find deals and grab discounts. But surprisingly, most of us still make the traditional mistake of overspending without looking at alternatives. Here are five simple tips on saving by making a break with tradition – and there’s not a web link among them.




Common Scents

About this time of year small retail outlets spring up in every high street offering fancy perfumes at very sweet smelling prices. In such shops you’ll even find that all the top brand names are available. They can all be wrapped and presented to loved-ones who’ll appreciate them just the same. You’re not being mean just because you didn’t buy it from a top London store – you’re just being sensible.

Stocking Up

Here are five thoughtful stocking filler ideas that we found at Our favourite is number 5, but what’s yours?


1. Comedy Sound Effect Machine

Just under fiver and this brilliant little toy lets you play up to 16 comedy sound effects from crowds booing to glass being broken. It may not be quite Hollywood standards, but kids of all ages will love it.

Coding as a career

Try Coding

Coding is what makes websites work and the centres teaching it are popping up all over the country. Even more importantly they’re attended by ordinary people – not just geeks – who simply want to learn and use the skills.


Once you get to learn the computer languages such as HTML, CSS and Java etc., it can be quite creative and even fun. Software development is currently the fastest growing industry in the UK and there is an international shortage of coders in the job market.  So, whether you are in an early or late stage in your working life, coding could become a thrilling new option for you.

How To Minimise Your Vet Bills

The best and most logical way to avoid expensive vet bills is to keep your pet healthy in the first place.


Just like people, your cat or dog needs regular dental check-ups at the vet. And dental care for pets is hugely expensive. Dog’s love bones, cat’s love fresh fish. Why not give them what nature intended? A combination of tooth cleaning products and healthy diet can keep tooth decay at bay and help maintain your pet’s overall wellbeing.

How To Fight House Pests

Carpet Crawlers. Most pests thrive on food and dirt. If you’re getting itchy or scratchy at home, it could be fleas or lice, invest in someone to come round and give your carpet a good steam clean. Likewise, give all your cushions and rugs a good and thorough wash.


Check your hoover. Pests thrive on dirt and you could have plenty in your hoover if you haven’t cleaned it out thoroughly. Just emptying out the dust isn’t enough. Give it a good cleanout and use disinfectant. Always use rubber gloves when you’re doing it to avoid the itches.

Christmas Budget Planner


Be selective

You don’t have to buy everything just because it’s traditional. Maybe there are some things you can drop without missing them. How many people have brandy butter sitting left unopened in their fridge for months afterwards? Or even just buy too big a turkey that it gets wasted? Grab a pen and see what you really want – and what you can do without.

Cold Starters

Winter car repairs can be avoided just by taking a few simple precautions before the weather really turns ugly. The way you drive, too, can save you from breaking down and having to be towed to a garage. We take a look.


Firstly, when the cold, damp weather kicks in you’re likely to have starting problems which can flatten your battery and catch you out (especially in an old car). Why not buy a cheap battery charger and give your battery a nice long charge over night – to keep it strong and full of oomph when you need it.

Black Friday Bargains

Black Friday bargains abound all over the place – but they don’t all start just on Black Friday, plenty happen on the run up too. Here are a few that we found – just in case you don’t know where to start.

There’s a new clearance sale at TK Maxx which has just updated its clearance section with up to 80% off menswear, womenswear, kidswear, homeware, toys & more. Also for a limited time you’ll get free delivery on certain items too.


Argos has an up to half price sale on lots of homeware items such as rugs, crockery, blinds, duvets, curtains, pictures and bedclothes. In fact, most things to keep you cosy and stylish for Christmas.

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