Stocking Up

Here are five thoughtful stocking filler ideas that we found at Our favourite is number 5, but what’s yours?


1. Comedy Sound Effect Machine

Just under fiver and this brilliant little toy lets you play up to 16 comedy sound effects from crowds booing to glass being broken. It may not be quite Hollywood standards, but kids of all ages will love it.

2. Hot Massage Stones

Pop a Hot Massage Stone pack into the stocking of someone and they can soothe their stresses away.  The Christmassy black velvet pouch comes filled with 9 spa stones that you gently heat up, wrap in a towel and plonk on strategic parts of your body for a hot massage. They penetrate into muscles relieving tension and helping blood circulation too.

3. Squirrel Night Light

This cute stocking filler is a squirrel shaped night light that you put down on your bedside table and watch as it gently glows and changes colour. It’s great for children who are afraid of the dark – or even scaredy cat grown-ups. It’s nearly 10cm high but make sure you get some batteries too. You can pop it in the stocking for a very reasonable £3.99. You’d be nuts not to get one.

4. Powerful Stuff

It’s a pain when your phone runs out of juice in the middle of nowhere – but never fear! This credit card sized power bank will recharge it in no time. It has all the power of a regular charger and you can carry it with you everywhere. It works in far flung places, and you can tuck it away about your person. It charges iPhones, mobiles, tablets and kindles and costs just under £13 smackers!

5. Hot Bot

It’s official, only men get man flu and here at last is the ideal comfort for this dreaded ailment. The Man Flu Hot Water Bottle comes in a trendy black acrylic outer coating with a water bottle inside to help ease the terrible symptoms of man flu such as an inability to go to work, constant groaning and the belief that one’s life is going to end. This beautifully packaged gift is a super stocking filler and a sign of true affection – and hey it’s a snip at just £6.99. About the cost of a flu jab actually!


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