Five Top Chistmas Money Saving Tips

Most of us are now all quite canny about using the website to hunt for bargains, find deals and grab discounts. But surprisingly, most of us still make the traditional mistake of overspending without looking at alternatives. Here are five simple tips on saving by making a break with tradition – and there’s not a web link among them.




Common Scents

About this time of year small retail outlets spring up in every high street offering fancy perfumes at very sweet smelling prices. In such shops you’ll even find that all the top brand names are available. They can all be wrapped and presented to loved-ones who’ll appreciate them just the same. You’re not being mean just because you didn’t buy it from a top London store – you’re just being sensible.

Punch Through

Apart from presents, one of the biggest spends at Christmas is on the drinks bill.
But do you really need those bottles of dodgy sherry, port and liqueurs – the ones that nobody ever drinks? Instead, why not make a nice fresh, fruity punchbowl with some of the wines and spirits you already have tucked away in your cupboard (as long as they aren’t too old). You can keep a punchbowl topped up with soft drinks, fruit and a touch of the hard stuff – and you make it as strong or as weak as you like. It adds a great touch to Christmas.

Don’t Be A Turkey

There’s no rule that says you have to buy the biggest turkey you can find: you’ll probably find that most of it will not be eaten. So why not get one half the size of the one you think you need? Pile on the vegetables, gravy and potatoes and a smaller turkey will go much further than you think. Come to that, why have a turkey anyway; a good roast pork or chicken will go down just as well. So long as you have the hats and the crackers nobody will be disappointed.

Lovely Bubbly!

It’s a time to celebrate and hear the corks popping, but instead of champagne, why not treat yourself to a few bottles of Prosecco? Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy that now outsells champagne in the UK and is of a very high quality. It tastes great and looks the part! You’ll feel happier too because even a very good Prosecco is less than half the price of a good champagne.

Feel The Heat

All of us think of Christmas as a freezing cold time – snow, dark nights, sleigh bells etc., etc., and we all correspondingly turn up the heating, or, worse still, leave the heating on all the time – whether we’re in or out. And yet, how many Christmas’ have you experienced that were really that cold? Slamming on the heat, or turning up the thermostat is all too easy to do at Christmas, but you’ve got cooking heat and body heat all warming up the house, so turn down the temperature, save a bit of heat and you’ll save a lot of money.

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