Coding as a career

Try Coding

Coding is what makes websites work and the centres teaching it are popping up all over the country. Even more importantly they’re attended by ordinary people – not just geeks – who simply want to learn and use the skills.


Once you get to learn the computer languages such as HTML, CSS and Java etc., it can be quite creative and even fun. Software development is currently the fastest growing industry in the UK and there is an international shortage of coders in the job market.  So, whether you are in an early or late stage in your working life, coding could become a thrilling new option for you.

Is There A Future?

Start up tech companies are flourishing all over the UK, with more than 15,000 businesses located in Tech City, London and Cambridge alone – as well as Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne close behind.

However, all these companies need various forms of computing expertise so the demand for web developers, coders and tech aficionados is greatly outstripping supply at the moment.

Computing curriculums are being introduced in schools, which is too late for us adults, but there are plenty of courses, groups and businesses created to help train people who want to get into this booming occupation.

The bad news is that some of these courses can be pretty expensive and intensive (although the rewards are high) but there are some online courses that are far less expensive and you can take things at your own speed.


Some of the organisations opening up the technology to people who want to get into the industry include the likes of:

Treehouse: this is an online coding course that aims to demystify the tech world and open it up to anyone who wants to be a part of it. The courses include building websites, iOS and Android apps, programming and even how to create a tech-based business or get a job in one. All this for something around £30 per month subscription sounds good to us!

Steer: launched this year, Steer places the emphasis on creativity in a choice of intense five-day courses for back-end and front-end web development. Steer, based in London and Manchester aims to enable people to come out and go off and start building a website. The five-day course is relatively pricey but it’s got very positive feedback.

Code Academy: is a set of online tutorials that teaches coding in languages HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python and more.  This resource is extremely popular and involves no fees.

Decoded: as the name suggests, Decoded seeks to ‘decode the business of computing and computing jargon for interested people to get further involved. The company sees core coding skills to be patience and creativity. Aimed mostly at businesses, it is based in London and hosts ‘popups’ across England.

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