Christmas Travel Cheer

Christmas is definitely a time to go and visit loved ones (or relatives, at least). And, thanks to the many offers flashing around the web, there are ways you can do it on the cheap. Whether you’re planning a trip to the smoke to buy presents or spending Christmas at Auntie’s, now is a great time to bag a discounted rail ticket.



Advance fares can save up to 80% on the cost of tickets bought on the day, but these get snapped up very quickly so you have to move fast. Here are some of the tantalising train fare bargains we found on on 9th December: Brighton – London from just £5.00, Cardiff – London from just £18.00, Edinburgh – Newcastle from just £11.20, Glasgow – Aberdeen from just £11.30. There are a whole host of great prices from London too, such as to Bristol from £15.00, to Norwich from £9.00 and to Portsmouth a £5.00! It goes without saying they’re all subject to availability.

Early is good.

If you’re planning a rail trip, make sure you book early; cheap train tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance. Also, give the rush hour a miss because all off peak train tickets are far cheaper!

Another good idea is to split your journey. If you can split your tickets and break your journey into smaller sections you could make big savings over booking one ticket for the whole journey across different train companies. Check out some online rail ticket booking sites that will tell you the cheapest options for a journey and may even refund your money if you find a cheaper fare.

Don’t forget to plan for public holidays

Public transport is limited over the Christmas period, so make sure you plan your journey in advance. There is no public transport running on Christmas Day and if you’re going out in London on Christmas Eve there are no night buses. Public transport starts to wind down on Christmas Eve and if you’re a long way from home that Mini-cab fare will be your only option (apart from walking).

Also, make sure you take a look at and before travelling – public holidays are when lots of engineering work happens.
Need to get away?

If you need a burst of sunshine to brighten you up around the Christmas period then, despite it being a busy time, there are still getaway bargains to be had. We found flights on 9th December to Tenerife from £200, Lanzarote from £190, and Malta from £191. And if you like the idea of a continental Christmas market visit, complete with stalls and hot wines and foods, you’ll find Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam are all especially popular. We discovered short Christmas breaks in Berlin from £187, Amsterdam from £145, Prague from £210 and Budapest from £204. These were found on

Christmas trips abroad are becoming more and more popular with British visitors, and the good news is lots of specialist online companies have a huge range of bargain priced getaways to choose from.

Happy Christmas!

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