How To Minimise Your Vet Bills

The best and most logical way to avoid expensive vet bills is to keep your pet healthy in the first place.


Just like people, your cat or dog needs regular dental check-ups at the vet. And dental care for pets is hugely expensive. Dog’s love bones, cat’s love fresh fish. Why not give them what nature intended? A combination of tooth cleaning products and healthy diet can keep tooth decay at bay and help maintain your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Choose an out of town vet. If your pet is in need of treatment, go to a vet that isn’t located in an expensive area – they’ll be looking to pay their expensive rents, and you’ll be paying through your pet. Look around for a good vet that’s not located in a prime spot and you’ll see a vast difference.

Pet medical emergencies can cost thousands but pet insurance can cover most of your bill. Shop around for a good plan and keep your pet as healthy as possible so that you only claim if it’s a real emergency. Many avoidable things such as overweight pets and bad diet cause all sorts of problems later on.

Don’t buy cheap pet food. Some of those nibbles and wet food that you think your pet loves are not much better than junk food. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you’ll have a better-conditioned pet that doesn’t suffer from avoidable problems such as diabetes, for example. Don’t forget, the pet food industry is not over regulated.

Give your pet a yearly check up. Any problems will be much easier to deal with early on. A routine examination can pick up a lot of problems in the early stages. Also, do a bit of grooming; keeping your pet clean, well-cared for and tidy will avoid things like tics, bad breath and fleas etc, all of which lower your pet’s happiness – oh yes, and why not brush Bertie’s teeth once in a while? Gum disease in pets can result in surgery and even lead to kidney, liver and heart disease. Phew!

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