How To Fight House Pests

Carpet Crawlers. Most pests thrive on food and dirt. If you’re getting itchy or scratchy at home, it could be fleas or lice, invest in someone to come round and give your carpet a good steam clean. Likewise, give all your cushions and rugs a good and thorough wash.


Check your hoover. Pests thrive on dirt and you could have plenty in your hoover if you haven’t cleaned it out thoroughly. Just emptying out the dust isn’t enough. Give it a good cleanout and use disinfectant. Always use rubber gloves when you’re doing it to avoid the itches.

Mice love somewhere warm and a little bit of food, so if you see tell-tale nibbles in your fluffy slippers or chocolate bars – or worse still – droppings – then it’s time to take action. Have a clean-up, and try to locate possible areas where those blighters come in. There’s usually a mouse hole or crack. Put down the approved treatments outside the aperture – or if you’re a bit squeamish, just block up the hole and keep them out. They’ll find somewhere else eventually.

Moggy matters. Is your cat or dog giving you the scratches? Yes, you might not realise it, but fleas love furry animals, and they’ll hitch a ride all over your house, in the living room and on your bed, on the sofa. Get an approved flea treatment and spread on your pet’s shoulder blades.

Flies love food. Keep food out of sight at all times. And don’t forget to put away your pet’s food after they’ve eaten – the smell attracts flies. A fly spray might seem like a good idea, but it’s not really good for you to be spraying it everywhere. Once again, keep your kitchen spotless and regularly disinfected. And make sure your rubbish doesn’t build up. Flies will soon disappear.

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