Christmas Budget Planner


Be selective

You don’t have to buy everything just because it’s traditional. Maybe there are some things you can drop without missing them. How many people have brandy butter sitting left unopened in their fridge for months afterwards? Or even just buy too big a turkey that it gets wasted? Grab a pen and see what you really want – and what you can do without.

Think budget

Keep that pen firmly in hand and work out your true finances – and what you’d really like to spend. It gives you a little more discipline and once you start, you find plenty of good ideas and offers will come your way to fit your budget. Seeing what you have to play with will actually put you back in control.

Deal yourself out

There are plenty of so-called bargains at this time of the year. But remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you need something. Just buying something because it is on offer is a waste of money. Deals often sound tempting, but actually, you’re still spending – and probably more than you want to – just because it seems like an unmissable offer. Give it a miss!

Christmas Tree Countdown

Christmas trees are getting more expensive each year. That’s because everybody wants to buy them early and have them up longer. However, just hold fire and wait til nearer Christmas and you’ll see those prices fall quicker than pine needles. One retailer we saw was virtually giving them away two days before Christmas because they had too many.


Make some of your own decorations – or get the kids to do some. The same goes for foods and cakes. We all watch Bake Off, so why not follow their example and bake a Christmas cake, or make a Christmas pudding. Let’s not forget, making mince pies is one of the easiest things you can do, and they’ll taste far better than anything out of a packet. Just go online and find a mince pie recipe – and get your teeth into it.

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