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Our Top Five CV Tips


Let’s be honest, writing a CV can be something of chore. It’s something even people who are good at writing and communicating sometimes find too much trouble – from students to professionals.

The trouble is that when your CV isn’t up to scratch it stands little chance of getting you an interview, so you need to give it your best attention.

Our top five CV tips are well proven and can help you put a really good CV together without too much trouble.

Bringing Down Childcare Costs


Childcare needn’t break the bank if you take advantage of the help that’s out there.

The key to paying for childcare with ‘Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit’ is to ensure that the childcare provision, such as nurseries, playgroups, child-minders or au pairs are registered and regulated. You can find this out from your local authority’s children’s services department or search for your nearest Family Information Service on the Family & Childcare Trust website.

Low Cost Holiday Happiness


In this fast moving world we live in planning holidays a long way ahead is a luxury. Usually, most people have to duck and dive and book holidays at the last minute – usually when time and money permits. And that’s no bad thing when you’re looking for a bargain. But there are other tips to get a cheaper holiday too. For example, it’s always a good idea to book your holiday when the tour operators are pushing hard for your business.

Back To School Offers


When it’s time for kids to go back to school, plenty of parents also breath a sigh of relief – but not when there’s so much to spend on getting children ready for the new term.

The costs of schooling are often greatly helped by a multitude of special offers by Britain’s top retailers who will woo you with vouchers and discounts, knowing that you’re looking to save money before school starts.

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