Monthly Archives: July 2015

Saving Money can be Really Tasty


We’re told that the average shopping basket comes to around £85 per week – which is a pretty hefty amount by any standards. Yet, a team of top experts and nutritionists have worked with three major supermarkets to bring that bill down to just £50 a week for two people to enjoy 28 meals which include snacks and wine.

Days Out Discounts


Summer is traditionally the time that you take your two week summer holiday. You may have decided where you were going back in January and have been saving up ever since to ensure that you get that ‘dream’ holiday but the summer holiday is often not the only expense during the months of July and August.

For Love Nor Money



Once upon a time, dating (or courting as it was known) was a long drawn out affair lasting weeks, months, even years. But nowadays, dating websites can help you find the love of your life so much faster  – while you’ve still got all your own teeth.

Cheap Date? – Romance on a budget



There’s a huge array of ways to find dates these days from Internet sites to speed dating events to introductions from friends and families. But once you have a date organised, how can you have a dreamy time and not spend all your money?


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