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Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

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So many places to choose from!

Do you spend hours, days, weeks trawling through holiday brochures or do you instantly know where you want to go?

How to get on TV

How to get on TV - image


Ever wanted to get on TV but not sure how? Yearning to be in the spotlight and be the entertainment rather than just watch it?

I’ve been reading James Corden’s auto-biography and found it very interesting

World’s Highest Paid Sports Stars

World's Highest Paid Sports Stars - image



Ever heard the phrase, footballers get paid way too much? Well, they’re not the only ones. Year on year, sports stars salaries are getting bigger and bigger, but which sport pays the best?

DON’T forget to pack …..!

Don't Foget to Pack - image



Holidays are wonderful, packing however can be a bit of a nightmare. What to take, what not to take, remembering to keep within weight limits, making sure you have room to bring back souvenirs and duty free.

Costa lot or Costa Less?

Costa Lot or Costa Less - image

You’ve worked hard all year, sacrificed nights out, gone without the latest upgrade, all so you can get away and have a well-deserved break.

Most of you will have checked for cheap flights, hotels, last minute deals and the best exchange rates but have you thought how far your spending money will go once you get there?

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