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What are Your Plans this Summer?

beach scene



The sun’s peaking from behind the clouds, the chill is disappearing from the air & people are walking around in t-shirts?! Summer is not that far away (honest!).

The Travel Money Shop – Foreign Exchange

The Travel Money Shop-news


Holiday season is upon us, half-term is coming up & the summer months are approaching fast!

What Your Decorating Style Says about You

living room

Sophisticated: This is your style if you like sleek and casual, yet still enjoy your comfort. You prefer your rooms to be clean & serene. There won’t be lots of bright colour, you like your shades to be muted & décor kept simple, staying away from patterns.

You want nice things but don’t go over the top.

Do Your House up on a Budget

brunette with paintbrush

Home looking a little tired, repairs from last year still need to be done? Decorating can be expensive if you’re not careful so many people put it off, which then makes the repair costs bigger.

If you’re on a tight budget or just a savvy saver, we find ways of making home improvements that won’t break the bank.

Spring into Action – time & money saving tips for a cleaner home

cleaning clashy colours

The sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds, the chill is beginning to disappear from the air, Spring must be just around the corner.

Winter is off to hibernate, so get out from that stale “comfy smell” caused by not stirring outside the warmth of the house. Get “fresh” for Spring and bring that light, airy feel back to your home.

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