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What Does Your Easter Egg Say About You?

Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Basket

Easter is not only a time for being with family, celebrating spring and re-birth, it is also a fantastic time to eat a lot of chocolate, and in particular chocolate eggs! There are thousands of eggs on the supermarket shelves around Easter, from small to large, smarties to crème filled, dark to white chocolate. Did you know you can tell a lot about someone from the Easter eggs they eat? See the list below to find out what your Easter egg says about you:

Top 5 Things to Do Over The Bank Holiday Weekend

Easter bank holiday

Easter Bank Holiday weekend is coming up and it’s a great time to enjoy yourself and have fun with friends and family. If you’re stuck for what to do over the 4-day weekend, check out our top five activities below:


Days Out Vouchers and Deals for Easter

Discounts and offers

Easter is a great time of the year to have a day out with family and/or friends especially as most people can take advantage of the 4-day weekend. The costs of days out can however escalate very quickly if you are not careful. Good planning, preparation and an eye for a special offer can make your money go much further.

Who Would You Rather Meet At A Party?

Celebrity poll

Parties are never dull – always heightened by the opportunity of meeting new friends. But what about if you could meet anyone you wanted  – who would be that perfect person? It goes without saying that not all stars are the same in real life as when they appear on our TV screens. If you had a choice who would you want to meet – would you go for a historical figure, a modern film star, a catwalk model or even Royalty. Tell us which celebrity you would like to meet from our list below

How to understand your credit score better


“My credit score’s not high enough! I need to improve it..” – the cries of someone who may have been refused credit. But just what exactly is a credit score? Who decides it? And what affects it?

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