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Chinese Wealth Horoscope

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The Chinese New Year starts on 19th February. Instead of the usual horoscopes, the Chinese believe in a 12-year cycle of the animal zodiac. The animals in order are; Rat, Ox Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig. Rather than being by month, your traits and characteristics are dependent on the year you were born.

To find out what will happen to you financially this year, find your year of birth & read your fortune next to the relevant animal.

Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes

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Like eating out or treating yourself to a take away but your bank balance is still recovering from Christmas & New Year? Maybe you just want to dazzle your friends or loved ones with your culinary skills!


On the theme of Chinese New Year, we thought we’d choose 3 popular Chinese dishes for you to try your hand at.

Are You Brave Enough – would you eat these?

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You’ve seen the documentaries showing lots of weird & wonderful dishes that people eat in foreign countries.

Reality TV shows, showing celebrities eating live insects!

Do you screech & hide behind the sofa pillow shouting “no way” or are you the one scoffing at them, saying “I could eat that”?

Chinese Traditions to Help Bring Wealth

Chinese wealth traditions-use2

Superstitious or not a bit of luck never hurt anyone.

To increase your luck this year and help improve your chances of a wealthy 2015, try a few of these Chinese traditions.

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