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Things to do on a cold winter weekend

Winter warmer-resize

It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s the weekend & you’re still recovering from Christmas & New Year!! So what do you do on a cold winter weekend?

Well, we thought we’d help you out & came up with a few ideas.

Tips on how to get a payrise


Over worked and underpaid, feeling undervalued, been working hard but still on the same pay you were on when you started?

A lot of people let resentment build up and rather than have a discussion with their boss, decide to look for another job.

However, if you enjoy your job and like the people you work with, you may want to try an alternative to keeping quiet. You could grab the bull by the horns and ask for a pay rise.

How to get rid of unwanted Christmas Presents

Unwanted Presents-re-size

Did Santa get your wish list right this year or did you receive a few “dodgy” gifts?

Don’t let those unwanted presents gather dust in your home, one man’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Top 10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions

New Year Resolution-resize

New year, new you?!

It’s the start of a new year and many of us will be thinking of how we can improve on 2014. It may be giving something up, or starting something new, either way, most of us have pledged at least one resolution.

New Year’s Resolution Poll

New Years resolution poll - what have you given up / taken up?
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