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How to best be a festive early bird

Xmas dinner

For many Christmas is one of the highlights of the year, a temporary light at the end of the very dark winter tunnel. Autumn has well and truly arrived and with that most holidays have been and gone. Starting to plan for the festive season can help to lighten up the grey and rainy autumn, but also help saving money and lower the stress that sometimes comes with arranging the perfect Christmas.

Make money while de-cluttering


Do you need to make space for your autumn wardrobe or maybe just in need of some de-clutter? Why not make some money at the same time. Selling items online is easy and can make someone who is looking for a bargain very happy and you end up with a bit of extra money.

5 Tips of how to find deals online

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become more popular and easier, especially with more and more stores introducing mobile sites, which enhances the shopping experience when using your mobile or tablet. However, searching for the best deal can at times be time consuming, so here are five tips of how to find the best online deals:

Christmas Fairy Or Christmas Grinch?

Fairy or Grinch

Autumn has arrived and slowly but surely the shops will start bringing out their Christmas stock. Before you know it Christmas carols are being played and the skyline has changed from being grey to being filled with Christmas lights, Santa dressed in red saying Ho Ho Ho and you feel like you are in Lapland. Then out of nowhere the first Merry Christmas has been said, but when is it OK to start talking about the festive season? Are you one of those who start thinking of Christmas in July or are you the Christmas Grinch?

10 Top tips for driving in winter

Winter Car
  1. Don’t ignore chipped windscreens! If not dealt with quickly your windscreen can easily crack especially in cold weather, resulting in a costly replacement.Depending on the severity of the damage, chips can be repaired using a resin injection. This might even be covered free of charge under your insurance (check your individual policy).
  2. Make sure your screen wash is topped up before you set off.Did you know that an empty screen wash bottle not only means a dirty windscreen but can also result in a £1000 fine and 3 points on your license – definitely worth making sure you’re fully topped up!
  3. There’s nothing worse than breaking down on a cold, dark winter’s night.It pays to shop around when looking for breakdown cover; there are tons of great offers around at this time of year, with large reductions on the usual policy prices and in some cases you could even earn cash back. Check out comparison and voucher code sites to get the best deals.
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