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Shaking up expenditure, writing a budget and reducing those monthly bills

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Householders under pressure from rising prices and stagnating income levels can benefit by undertaking a domestic budgeting process to get finances in order. If income levels are dictated by company policy, and changing jobs is not a realistic option, any budget improvements must come from cutting back expenditure.

It may be possible to avoid reductions in consumption or participation in activities but still reduce costs by changing some long standing relationships.

Loyalty does not always equal low prices

Most people would equate a long association with a company to a reward such as continued low prices. Companies do not always reward their most loyal customers because they do not want to erode their margins by offering discounts to people who are already buying their products or services. Supermarkets often employ a spending based reward scheme but many businesses demonstrate inertia when it comes to their customer relations.

It is often possible to negotiate a better deal with a company when they are threatened by the withdrawal of custom. Many people discover this by accident when they seek to cancel a service that they view as non-essential. When confronted with a departing customer, many companies will offer discounts or additional benefits for the continuation of the old relationship. Consumers do not always like to challenge their suppliers but it is possible to extract a wide range of concessions by simply exercising choice.

Make your money go further this Easter – Easter saving tips

Save money

The Easter holidays mark a turning point in the British calendar. The sun is (normally) beginning to shine and more often than not we are starting to venture out and about. With the kids off school there is pressure to go do something fun but many of the options can be expensive.

The choice of attractions can be daunting and for anyone looking to stretch a budget it is useful to have tips on how to save money during the Easter period.

The most obvious way to save money is to not spend anything on entertainment. Visits to national museums such as The Science Museum in London or the National Museum of Film and Technology in Bradford are free yet the attractions are world class.

Another way to save money is to shop at local farmers markets and buy fresh produce to cook rather than rely on ready meals or takeaways. Food purchased from markets is often cheaper than supermarkets and it can be fun exploring the many stalls on offer. It can also be cheaper to have packed lunches for work as the amount of spending on convenience food can mount up to a significant sum.

Top 10 Days Out in the UK – out and about on a budget

Easter days out on a budget

Top 10 Days Out in the UK – Out and About on a Budget

Getting out and enjoying yourself is important. However some trips and activities can be expensive.

Here we’ve selected ten great days out that won’t break the bank.

1) Visit a museum – Many museums in Britain, like the Natural History Museum in London or the National Railway Museum in York, are funded by the government and offer free entry.

2) Go to the beach – Britain is an island so it’s never too far to go to the beach; enjoy the sea air and other seaside attractions. Some beaches charge for parking or sunbeds but if you are smart and look around it’s not too tricky to find somewhere that won’t cost a penny.

3) Parks and Gardens – There are free parks and gardens in most areas of Britain and some truly stunning gardens like the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew only charge a minimal entrance fee. Look out for special access days and vouchers for paid attractions as this too can reduce costs.

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