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Top 10 Costs Associated With Going On Holiday – Make Sure You Are Aware Of Them

How to holiday cheaply

Holidays are some of the most important occasions in life as they provide memories and experiences that are far from routine.

When budgeting for a holiday, it is important to not simply focus on the headline rate for the holiday but anticipate all likely costs.

A failure to recognise in advance the costs associated with a holiday may lead to a period of regret once the true cost is realised.

The top ten costs of a holiday are listed along with a brief description of the relevance of a particular category and any potential pitfalls that may increase costs.

1) Passports – if travellers require passports, the cost of making a new application is relatively expensive and must be planned in advance.

2) Flights – the advertised rate may not include airport taxes and other hidden extras such as reserved seating, or printed tickets.

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