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Save cash on your weekly shop with these handy money-saving tips from PaydayUK


With the current financial climate forcing many people to be extra vigilant with their money it is important to make savings where you can.

One of the biggest outlays for any household is the weekly shop. While it is important not to cut back on essentials there are a few simple steps you can make which could see you save some money.

1) Make a shopping list!
You’d be surprised to know that most people do not make shopping lists. It might seem a tedious task but you’ll see a decrease in your spending as you stick to what you have on the list. It will also help to avoid buying products you already have at home. Five minutes planning your weekly meals could save you pounds.

Smart ways to save money from PaydayUK

Piggy Bank with savings message

In the current environment of financial uncertainty, families and individuals across the country are feeling the pinch. Wage increases are static and the cost of living continues to rise. This means many families and individuals have to try keep a tight hold on their monthly outgoings.

Here are a few ideas that may help you manage your monthly outgoings:

1)       Eat out at a discount

With so many people working longer than ever before, it can be hard to find the time or the energy to prepare a meal after work, so eating out sometimes can seem like a very appealing option, however this can be expensive. If you choose to eat out, you may be able to cut this cost and save some money, by bearing the following in mind;

    Make some money – sell some of those old CDs and DVDs

    discs in a pile

    Selling unwanted possessions is a great way of making some quick extra cash. Most people have loads of unwanted items lying around their home – piles of unwanted and unwatched CDs and DVDs are one such example.

    Selling these on an online auction site for instance, or in a car boot sale, is a sensible way to get your hands on some quick money.

    When selling CDs and DVDs you should consider the following:

    1)      Check the condition

    CDs and DVDs that have been in your collection for a while can have scratches and may be slightly damaged. Therefore the condition of the discs should be checked to ensure that they still work. Make a record of your findings and be honest so that you know where you stand if a customer complains about the quality of a disc they’ve received.

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