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Saving with voucher codes: How to do it and why they exist


In the run up to Christmas more and more people will be scouring the net for a bargain. One exceptional way to save money when shopping online is by fully utilising online voucher codes.

Voucher codes are available from a wide variety of websites. They work by giving you discount codes that you enter at the vender’s checkout for a saving. Sometimes this is a percentage reduction, a sum of money off or a free gift.

Voucher codes can save sensible web users a hefty sum; especially during a period of frequent purchases such like Christmas.

According to the Guardian adults in the UK now save an average of £1,200 a year using money-off vouchers.

The do’s and don’ts of taking a payday loan


Payday loans are a suitable lifesaver for when a financial emergency strikes and you can least afford it.

Nobody should ever depend on payday advances; however, they can act as lifelines when emergencies develop.

Before signing on the dotted line for a payday loan it is sensible to ensure you understand all the costs, prospective fees, penalties and the annual percentage rate (APR).

Not all payday advances are identical with costs varying across the board.

10 tips to save your family money this Christmas


Want to save money this Christmas but don’t want to feel like Ebenezer Scrooge?

Here are our top 10 money saving tips for steering clear of Christmas debt and starting the New Year in better financial shape:



Always plan ahead

Before shopping take a few minutes to make a quick spending plan detailing who you need to buy for and how much you can spend.

Discounted gift cards

You can purchase discounted gift cards for hundreds of retailers. Check out this article from This Is Money on good sources for vouchers and discounts.

Social media

Before shopping follow your favourite retailers on Twitter and Facebook. Most of the big name brands offer discounts to their social media followers.

Customers explain how PaydayUK came to their rescue


Here at PaydayUK we’re exceptionally proud of the important service we provide for many people up and down the country.

So when people give us feedback we’re delighted to be able to share their good experiences.

PaydayUK provides short-term loans to help people out of a financial emergency.

People like Pete who would like to thank PaydayUK for the loan which allowed him to pay for his MOT. He needed the car to get to work to support his family.

To hear more about how PaydayUK helped Gareth, head to our Customer Testimonials page where you can watch a video of Gareth explaining exactly how PaydayUK solved his financial emergency.

Six tips from PaydayUK for first-time credit card users


Credit cards can be useful financial tools. They can help you manage your cash flow and if used appropriately can help boost your credit rating.

However, credit card holders have to be careful to be sensible in the way they use their cards.

When someone gets their first credit card it’s important they make sure they are careful and use it in a sensible way.

The following six tips are simple guidelines which should help a first-time credit card holder safely use their credit card:

1. Decide a budget and stick with it

The most important tip for credit card users is to draw up a budget.  A credit card should not mean you can buy things you cannot afford.

PaydayUK-sponsored Winterfest shows Christmas is just around the corner


A charity sponsored by PaydayUK just held its hugely popular winter festive fair.

The Haddenham Winterfest 2012 took place on Saturday, December 8, and once again featured a whole host of fantastic attractions and yuletide entertainment.

The Winterfest is run by the registered charity Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust which organises two festivals a year to raise money for good causes in the Buckinghamshire village and surrounding area.

So far the trust has raised more than £112,000 through sponsorship, donations and the hard work of a multitude of volunteers who help with setting up, serving and clearing up .

While the summer festival is very much a beer festival the winter equivalent, the Winterfest, is more of a fair with far more than beer and cider on offer.

PaydayUK’s tips on how to reduce your costs and balance your budget


If you sometimes find yourself spending more than you make it could be a good idea to take a close look at your finances and try to balance your budget.

A good habit to get into is to frequently review how much you are spending by drawing up a list of outgoings and comparing it to your income.

Include in the list all expected bills such as phone or rent and estimate how much you spend on food and drink.

If your expenditure is close to or greater than your income you should probably think about your spending habits and try to address the situation.

If there are any particular areas which stand out as being overly expensive take action to reduce them.

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