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PaydayUK’s tips for saving your money in trying times


Saving money is difficult at the best of times but in these difficult financial times it has become even harder for the average person to put something away for a rainy day.

Nevertheless there are a number of easy and simple tricks which can help you to save some money. It’s always a good practice to save as you never know when you might need that money  A payday loan from PaydayUK will help you bridge the gap a couple of times but a short-term loan should be a last resort not a regular occurrence.

If you can save a little each month you can build up a pool of ‘emergency cash’ to keep yourself financially secure.

Always try and pay yourself first

You should see saving money as a necessary expenditure just like a phone bill or paying an employee’s salary. If you have any outstanding debts you should pay these off first.

A payday loan is a flexible, fast and hassle-free, short-term solution to a financial emergency


One of the advantages of payday loans compared to other forms of borrowing is that they are incredibly flexible.

Payday loans can be taken out for a wide variety of reasons from paying bills to covering dental costs.

After you have the money it is yours to responsibly spend how you need to.  Once your loan is in your account you do not have to spend it on one specific thing.

With many loan products you are tied to spending the money on a specific thing or area. A payday loan is designed to be a stopgap for when you have a cash flow problem. Often it is when an unexpected financial crisis clears you out. Because a payday loan is flexible it can be spent on the problem itself or used to keep you going if you spent all your remaining money on the expense.

The application process is easy, straightforward and fast. Complete the online form with the information requested and the money could be in your account that very evening.*

Thame Hockey Club looking forward to new season


Thame Hockey Club has started its preparations for the 2012/2013 season under the watchful eye of a new expert head coach.

After a highly successful year which saw three of their four adult teams win their leagues Thame have hired level three coach Stuart Armstrong to help the club grow stronger and continue to flourish. PaydayUK is proud to sponsor Thame Hockey Club and is glad their continued support is enabling the young club to improve.

Last year the men’s first and second teams won their leagues while the ladies’ first team’s title winning year was rewarded with a double promotion. The ladies’ second team also had an excellent year as they recovered from a faltering start to finish strongly.

This season the men’s first team are set to contest Middlesex, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Division Three and the seconds will play in Division 9.

Avoid those expensive overdraft fees: PaydayUK

Build bank

We all know how easy it is to overspend and accidentally slip into your overdraft. All it needs is a few unexpected bills to catch you out and you’ve spent more than you wanted to.

It’s only a small sum of money and you’ll be able to cover it on your next payday so no problem right? But do we know how much going into your overdraft could be costing you?

The real cost of authorised and unauthorised bank overdrafts has been revealed in a recent survey by Which? magazine.

According to the consumer campaigning charity, charges for going overdrawn for two days per month without permission can cost up to £900 a year.

It was found that Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank’s Current Account Plus will charge £75 a month, or £900 a year, for going into an unauthorised overdraft for a pair of days a month.

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