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PaydayUK extends its lending range to allow customers to borrow up to £1,000


PaydayUK is pleased to announce that it has increased the maximum amount customers can apply to borrow; meaning their short-term loan can be used to solve a wider variety of financial emergencies.

PaydayUK has been supplying customers with payday loans to solve their financial crisis for seven years and now those who qualify can borrow up to £1,000 rather than the £750 limit previously in place.

The increase means a payday loan from PaydayUK can be used to cover larger bills and provide even more of a safety net for people caught out by an unexpected expense.

Tom treks Hadrian’s Wall to raise money for the terminally ill

Hadrian's wall

A PaydayUK employee is running the width of the country in support of a hospice for the terminally ill.

23-year-old Tom Uzzell plans to run the route of Hadrian’s Wall for St Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke with three friends and Bicester-based PaydayUK has agreed to match every penny raised.

The ordeal will take them four days and will see them cover a total distance of 84 miles.

Tom said: “I’ve always wanted see Hadrian’s Wall as I have always had a passion for history and studied it through school, college and was involved in the classical society at university.

How to make those holiday pennies stretch further without breaking the bank


For many people a summer holiday is a necessary period of relaxation after a year of hard work and stress. But in this time of austerity it is more and more difficult to find the cash for an expensive holiday.

While a payday loan from PaydayUK is the perfect solution for a short-term financial emergency it should not be used to pay for a holiday.

A payday loan is designed to help someone get out of a pickle. Perhaps the car breaks down or an unexpected household bill catches you out. It has to be paid but you don’t have the money right now. In these circumstances a payday loan is just what you need. Borrow the money now and pay it back on your next payday. It’s quick and hassle-free.

Financing a holiday however should be a long-term commitment. A good practice is to put aside a little money each month so you slowly build up a pot of savings.

If you’re sensible it is possible to cut the cost of a holiday so that money goes further. The following 12 tips could help you save on your next trip abroad.

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