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You wouldn’t take a taxi to Scotland would you?


Dispelling some of the misunderstandings around payday loans and why it could be the short-term solution to your money worries

The pros and cons of different modes of transport are similar to the wide variety of loans that are available.

When considering what mode of transport to use there are a number of factors we consider without even thinking; distance, speed and cost.

If we need to get somewhere close quickly you choose a different option to when you need to get somewhere further away but are more flexible with when you need to be there.

The same principle can be applied to when you are deciding what loan to take.

A short-term loan from PaydayUK is the perfect solution to a sudden cash flow crisis. It’s a fast and straightforward solution to a short-term problem. Like taking a taxi to dash across town for a meeting.

Giving support where it’s most needed: Helen & Douglas House

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It’s all too easy when swamped with money worries to forget that there are others infinitely worse off than ourselves. The families of children and young adults with life-limiting conditions deal, on a daily basis, with stresses that most of us will, hopefully, never have to contemplate.

Those organisations that help these young people and their families do amazing work, which is why PaydayUK is very proud to support Helen & Douglas House.  Two hospice houses that make an enormous difference for so many families in this situation.

Meet Mickey: PaydayUK sponsor cute young black Labrador at Dogs For The Disabled

April 2012 (2)

PaydayUK is delighted to be able to introduce you to Mickey the black Labrador puppy who we are sponsoring as part of our on-going partnership with the charity Dogs For The Disabled.

Dogs for the Disabled is a ground-breaking organisation which trains assistance dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities and families of children with autism. PaydayUK are paying for Mickey’s upkeep and training so that he grows up to be a perfect assistance dog able to provide support and companionship to a person in need.

Mickey, who was born on February 17, was named by a PaydayUK member of staff who won a competition to choose the puppy’s name. As he is so young he will spend the first year of his life with his puppy socialiser, Kate, learning basic commands before starting assistance dog training next year.

Money smart motoring tips from PaydayUK


Owning and running a car is an extremely expensive business. With petrol prices constantly on the increase for many people motoring remains one of the biggest expenditures.

While a payday loan from PaydayUK is the perfect solution to cover a breakdown or unexpected bill it isn’t ideally suited to cover every day running costs. To avoid spending every penny on your car there are some sensible measures you can take.

Money smart motoring to save the pennies:

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