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What is inflation and is it important to me?

Rising inflation

Inflation is increasing, inflation is falling. Inflation rates are too high, inflation rates are too low.

We hear it a lot but what does it mean?

Inflation is an important aspect of the economy and consequently crucial to our understanding of the financial world and how it affects us.

The basics are quite straightforward. In a nutshell inflation is the rise in the price of the things we buy, be it goods or services. As the price goes up a certain amount of money can buy less.

One of the most important issues within economics, inflation is chiefly measured by the inflation rate, which is calculated by the annual percentage change in a price indexes, most notably the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) and the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

Thame Hockey Club end season with a flourish

THC first XI

PaydayUK is proud to announce that Thame Hockey Club, one of its sponsored teams, has had a fantastic season with three out of four adult teams winning their leagues and achieving promotion.

The men’s first team did just enough to seal the title after a nervy 1-1 away draw against Henley on the last day was enough to crown them champions of Middlesex, Berks, Bucks and Oxon (MBBO) Division 4.

The ladies first team have had an unbelievable season as they finished with an unparalleled 100 per cent record. Scoring a total of 181 goals and only conceding nine they topped Trysports Division Four by an incredible 16 points.

Could bills drop? Ofcom to stop charging 0800 numbers


Your mobile phone bill could be set to fall under proposals from regulator Ofcom to make all calls to 0800 numbers free.

At the moment the majority of 0800 numbers incur a charge for mobile callers of up to 21p a minute despite being advertised as Freephone.

While the numbers are free for landlines it is possible to ring a Freephone number on a mobile and rack up a substantial bill.

Critics have said that ‘mobile-only’ households are at a disadvantage compared to those with access to landlines.

Our customers make it all worthwhile: PaydayUK feedback

Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.

Here at PaydayUK we are 100 per cent committed to providing a helpful, straightforward and hassle-free service to all our customers.

We really appreciate it when people get in touch to tell us they had a good experience.

Customer service is very important to PaydayUK and we work extremely hard to try and achieve the best results we can.

The following responses truly make all that hard work worthwhile:

M Rafuse, customer 19/11/2011

‘Today I am writing to you to tell you how amazing your staff were.
In particular one man named Karl ‘within workplace for live chat.’ Karl was simply amazing. I have had a few bad experiences with staff at different payday loan companies and was amazed by how much Karl helped me. He answered every single question with a detailed answer, he made sure I was happy and the main thing was I could tell he actually cared.

Manage your money and keep the bank balance healthy


Fine-tune your finances and free up the cash

A payday loan can be a really helpful way to bridge the gap to payday, when you have a sudden cashflow crisis. Why not take some time to fine-tune your finances and free up some cash – it could give you a nest egg to set aside towards emergencies in the future.

Here are some top tips from PaydayUK to help you keep your bank balance healthy:

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