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The interest rate is very affordable

This service is fantastic, it only took me two seconds to apply and I got an instant response. The interest rate is very affordable, no complaints at all.
H Lockett, Customer

I have found PaydayUK very, very helpful indeed

I have found PaydayUK very, very helpful indeed. We needed a quick loan when going to a wedding, after having a 2 week holiday abroad and with no funds till next payday. They don’t make you feel like you’re begging for money. The company helps people who genuinely need a bit of help. You can defer your payments with no questions asked and I would highly recommend trying them. I will certainly be using their service again.
L Blackwood, Customer

A fantastic and speedy service

I just want to say thank you for a fantastic and speedy service since becoming a PaydayUK user. A little over a week ago, I made an enquiry about a reloan once my balance was settled and I was very impressed with David who helped me with my new application. He was very competent and friendly with his response.

When I returned from my weekend away, there was my new application awaiting my signature with nothing left to do but wait for the funds to clear. This service was a pleasant surprise and much appreciated following a phone call to my visa company that left me on hold for 20 minutes before hanging up. So thank you to David who put the smile back on my face with a great service.
S Warrington, Customer

Very friendly and approachable

I would just like to say that you are the cheapest loan company and very friendly and approachable people I have found. I have recommended you to other friends of mine. I do hope they take the opportunity to use your service. Thanks again
B Hicks, Customer

Live chat support

I was helped by Eric on Live Chat as I was unable to login. I really wanted to appreciate his help as he responded to my query quickly and was very kind… :-)
P Carlile, Customer

I will recommend to all of my friends

Hi, I’m Mr. Camenforte, just want to say thank you very much, I received my loan very fast & on time that I need it, your company is reliable & genuine. More power and again thank you once again, I will recommend to all of my friends when they need cash urgently.
R Camenforte, Customer

You are life savers

You are Life Savers, my car is due for work that I hadn’t anticipated & without PaydayUK I would be stuck. I’ve been using PaydayUK for a very long time and anyone out there who is dubious, don’t be!! They are brilliant!!
S Harrison, Customer

A great big thank-you, fantastic service

I have just received your email confirming repayment of my loan. I would like to thank you for your acceptance of my loan request, I was a little bit weary of applying but you made everything from my initial application, to today’s repayment so easy. I do hope to use your service again and again and again…..!!!! So again a great big thank-you, fantastic service. Regards,
J Mason, Customer

Why does your credit rating matter?


Your credit rating is what a lender will use to help them decide whether or not to lend you money. It’s created by the ‘trail’ your financial history leaves behind. So if your rating (also known as your credit score) is poor, you might find that it’s hard to borrow.

Many people never think about their credit rating until they apply for a loan (whether a long-term loan or a payday loan) or for credit, and that application is turned down. Thinking of how your financial behavior can affect your credit rating and modifying your behavior to help improve your rating is a good habit to get into. That way, should you need to borrow money, you should be able to demonstrate to the lender you’re a good risk – someone who is likely to repay the debt.

What can cause your credit rating to drop?

Some things will definitely have a bad affect – for example, a bankruptcy order or a County Court Judgement. Others could have an impact – if a utility bill direct debit fails, you go over your overdraft limit, or you don’t make your monthly credit card payment, this could adversely affect your credit score. An occasional missed payment here and there will probably be acceptable, but if it becomes a regular problem, then it will bring your score down.

Ten reasons to choose PaydayUK


A payday loan from PaydayUK can be used for just about anything

See our list below for the most popular reasons to get a payday loan from us:
Price Promise – Repay £29.95 for every £100 borrowed

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